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1. In 1998 First plant of XIEJI was launched in Jiangyin city named Jiangyin Xiehe New Type Building Materials Co., Ltd.

2. In 1999 One 450T ,Two 500 T extruder, one smelting production line with One anodizing line.

3. In 2001 Four 880 T extrusion presses were purchased . The annual capacity is 4000 Tons. Company passed ISO9001-2000 certification

4. In 2004, three 1100 T and one 1250 T extrusion presses were purchased, two anodizing line and one powder coating line were added. The annual capacity is 20000 Tons.
Company got “ Certificate for Credible Product Of Quality in JiangSu Pro;

5. In 2006,One 1100T press purchased, the new one anodizing line came into service and totally 12 extrusion presses. Company passed NATIONAL QUALITY EXEMPTION certification

6. In 2007 One 1800 T extrusion press and one 2500 T extrusion press were purchased. The total number of extrusion presses achieved 14 sets. Company passed ISO14001-2004 certification and “ USA AOA” Certification.

7. In 2008 ,XIEJI ALUMINIUM became Forevertai Group after purchased one die company, one door and window company, at same time, Group set up SOLAR Technology Company

FOREVERTAI GROUP  Factory Add: No 78 Hualu Road, Huashi Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu China, 214400
Web:www.forevertai.com  Tel: 0086-510-86770887   Fax: 0086-510-84088887   Email: Info@forevertai.com