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Equipment Introduction > Powder Coating Workshop

Powder coating is a process to coat the aluminum profiles with a synthetic powder of a wide range of colors.Aluminum profile surface is degreased to remove oils and greases firstly. Any present oxide layer is etched by dipping the profiles in an acid activation tank. Profiles are then rinsed with deionized water to remove any remaining chemicals. Now the profiles are ready to undergo the chemical conversion coating.

The coating resulting from this bath has excellent paint bonding properties. To ensure stability before spraying, the profiles are passed through a hot air dryer.

Inside this special cabinet, a chosen color is sprayed uniformly until the profiles reach the thickness required.

Finally, the profiles are treated in an infrared oven and are passed through a hot air atmosphere to create a strong chemical bond between the powder and the profiles.

To make sure uniformity of coating a layer thickness test is carried out, at not less than four measuring points with 3-5 readings each. To test the quality of the powder adhesion to the profile surface. Further tests are carried out, such as; an adhesion test, a cupping test, a bending test and an impact test.

Additional testing are also carried out to test other aspects, such as; a corrosion test, a solvent test, a gloss test, a weathering test and a resistance to boiling water and pressure test.
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