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The application of international advanced processing equipment and the conformance of international quality standard is the guarantee for XIEJI’S vision and objective to deliver technology development, creative products, high quality standard and prestigious project in the world

We have all been equipped with several dozens of world’s most advanced production & processing facilities which are mainly imported from Germany,, Japan,Taiwan, etc. The ratio of new equipment is increasing year by year.The advanced production equipment are capable of handling most of request for complex and high precision processing of various types of aluminum extrusion profiles

To drill, mill and cut aluminum profile at any angle under controll of computer input program, automatic axis location, automatic replacement of cutter and photo protection. Maximum processing tolerance is less than 0.01mm in linear dimension and 0.01degree in angular measurements ,

To drill profile and panel simultaneously up to 35 holes with seven different drill bits per head. Tolerance is less than 0.1mm;

To join  aluminum profile at different angles, especially in profile combination at 90 degrees, pressing force up to 1000kg

Full automation, high efficiency, fabricate aluminum with low energy consumption. Fabricate, drill and mill different types of round and slot holes for various application. Feed control platform can be accommodate 10 shapes with 6 meters or 6.5 meters length, aluminum milling inter element can formulate 30 kinds of different fabrication tools with cutting saw module accommodating 5 pieces of saw blades, which adapts to different kinds of fabrication requirement for shape and hardware pieces.

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